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Moods&Women&men&Once again moods

An anthology of contemporary romanian erotic poetry

Ediţie coordonată de Ruxandra Cesereanu şi MARGENTO

Anul apariţiei: 2015

Nr. pagini: 209

ISBN: 978-606-664-562-1

34,56 lei

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„What emerges here is a phantasmagoric, often magical erotica, a surrealism of the body and the mind that directs it, as conveyed by a generation of poets experiencing the possibility of a newly opened poetics of liberation. The resultant work is a revelation of what poetry can do when unleashed, in its most radical forms, to imagine and to reflect the fullest panoply of human needs and desires. As it comes to us here in America, it is also a great pleasure to read and to absorb, from cover to cover.” Jerome Rothenberg


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